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Timely and effective rehabilitation

Cascade Health Solutions' Workers Action Program provides physical and occupational therapy services for the rehabilitation of injured workers. We treat various work injuries, including trauma, repetitive motion and over-exertion, injuries affecting the wrist, back, shoulder, knees, and ankles, as well as orthopedic injuries of the hand and upper extremities.

Why employers choose us

  • We provide personal, timely, flexible, and thorough assessments of individuals referred for rehabilitation.
  • We encourage active participation and close communication among all involved parties, including the injured worker, treating physician, employer, and claims case manager.
  • Our approach facilitates workers' safe, prompt return to work and restoration to their highest work capacity.
  • Our therapists are in the same location as the treating physician.

Having both doctor and therapist at the same location, means we can provide instant feedback and treatment plan modification through efficient, convenient, coordinated care with better clinical results, delivered in less time.

Cascade Health Solutions also offers a variety of pre-placement services, as well as onsite injury response.